Can you use iOS In-App Purchase Key for multiple apps, not just multiple offers?

  • 1 February 2024
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When adding an iOS In-App Purchase key to prepare for StoreKit 2 support, I see that in the docs it says 

You can use the same in-app purchase key for all of your offers.


Can someone confirm that you can also use the same IAP Key for all of our RevenueCat Projects? We have multiple apps in the App Store, and each is configured with a different RevenueCat project. Can we use the same IAP key for all of these projects, or do we need to create one for each Project? The key is created in App Store Connect at the account level, not tied to any specific app, so it seems plausible that we are intended to use the same key for multiple projects / apps within RevenueCat.


Best answer by Ryan Glanz 5 February 2024, 16:53

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Yes, you can use the same key across RevenueCat projects.