Any recommended approach when you have to disable a subscription and migrate all the existing customers?

  • 14 February 2024
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Due to a mistaken configuration, we currently have 9 subscriptions for each store. Except for duration, products are similar in terms of benefits offered, while in some cases price can change in a 5% of the overall regions. 

We would like to disable all the useless subscriptions we are offering and maintain only one annual plan and one monthly plan. I know that current iOS subscribers of the disabled plans won’t have the possibility to renew anymore, while for Android users it depends from a renewal setting. Is there any suggested (and legal) process to follow in order to migrate these customers to one of the existing plans we want to maintain? 

I am thinking of a communication that their plan will convert in legacy and that they can subscribe to one of the available options. 
I read about price changes that can work for the 5% mentioned above, but in many cases the price will be maintained so this is not our case. 

I am interested in both App Store and Play Console approaches, thanks! 

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Hi, for Apple you can remove the subscription from App Store Connect as you have also noted once it is time for the subscription to renew it will not. Then the users can choose to subscribe to the new subscription.
For Google, I would recommend that you deactivate the base plan, then similar to Apple the subscription will not renew and users can choose to subscribe to the new subscription.
For both cases, if you have the user's contact information you can send them emails about this change so they are aware and know their options.
Regarding legal processes for this, I would recommend checking directly with Apple and Google support if you have specific concerns. As the users will retain access to their subscriptions it seems like it'd be okay to do but you can always double-check with each store if you want to know more specifics on the process.