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  • 2 October 2021
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I really like this chart!

In particular, as someone with a very new app, I’m enjoying breaking it down by daily cohort, and looking at my conversion rates with a 15-day delay to the current day, to see how each successive cohort did as 14 day trials expire.

I had a quick question, how does the pending column work? I noticed that many users will remain in pending past the length of the trial, is this related to my billing grace period, or maybe something to do with payment processing delays? Or are their other factors at play? Just curious, :)


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2 replies

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That makes a ton of sense! Thanks for the explainer. 😀

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Thanks @Cory!

The pending column is set based on the auto-renew status for the customer. Grace periods could push this out, but it’s more likely related to the fact the chart is based on install cohorts not trial start cohorts.

For example, if I downloaded your app on September 1st, I would be in the September 1st cohort. Then if I start a trial on October 1st, I could have a “Pending” trial conversion all the way to October 14th even though my data will live in the September 1st cohort.

So I think what you’re seeing is related to customers starting a trial some time after they download the app - an interesting data point for sure!