Can't get rid of old active PlayStore Console subscriptions

  • 25 December 2021
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Hi all,

I’ve got some subscriptions defined in Google PlayStore console, but they where to test subscriptions a while back. Now we don’t use them within RevenueCat. But I can’t delete them in the PlayStore console (asked Google Support, but they told me that we can’t remove active products) These old products are never sold because we are stil in develop phase. 

My question now is, are these products every visible by customers? I don’t use them in RevenueCat and are not showing them in our app on the PayWall. 

But maybe they are somehow visible somewhere else? And even switch to or able to buy by customers? So is it safe to leave them in de Console (otherwise I have to delete the app in de PlayStore and make a new packageID with all the extra work)

What do you guys think? Any advise?


PlayStore Console:



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If you’re using RevenueCat offerings to display your products and you don’t add those products to any offerings, they shouldn’t be visible within your app. You can test this out with a beta test track before you do a full release, but it’s unlikely that users will be able to view and purchase those products if you don’t display them within your app.