Are delayed webhook notification sent immediately after calling REST API?

  • 19 July 2023
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We are testing sync mechanism of REST API (PLAY_STORE, SANDBOX). We found that if a renewal webhook is not sent, and when we GET{app_user_id}, the same renewal webhook notificaiton is sent immediately. I can’t find any information about whether delayed webhooks would be sent after calling REST API. Is this coincidence or a normal behavior of RevenueCat? 


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2 replies


I finally found that our staging project is not receiving RTDN, so webhook notifications delayed.

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Hi @jacklin 

We don’t have any mechanism to delay webhooks. We send them as soon as we identify that there was an event (in this case a renewal). 

The best way to keep things up to date with Google is configuring Real Time notifications ( - This way, we get notified every time there was a change in google and we can emit our events. If that is not configured, we have our own internal logic to try to keep things up to date, but there might be some delays.

Hope this helps