Report subscription state as User Attribute to mParticle

  • 4 August 2021
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We’ve recently started to use mParticle and like the seamless integration of events from RevenueCat to mParticle. There is however something missing. We want to know per user what there current subscription status is (unsubscribed, trial, subscribed). Right now we would need to implement a service that would ingest this data. Is there another way to get this directly into mParticle? Are there any plans to add this functionality to the integration?

Thanks, Wolfgang

2 replies

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Would love for this to be added.

I think this could be added by setting a user_attribute for each reported event (trial start, cancellation, renewal, ...), which is the way mParticle receives user attributes.

Looking forward for if this is added. Happy to provide more details if needed.

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Hey @Wolfgang Damm! 👋 Sorry for the delay here on our end.

We don't support sending a user's subscription/entitlement status via our mParticle integration at this time as mParticle is event-based, rather than state-based. I’d be happy to add this to our engineering backlog, though.

You may be able to build ‘states’ from a combination of events for users in mParticle. For example, a cohort of users with:

  • a trial start and an unsubscribe/cancellation event could indicate ‘pending trial cancellation’ status
  • a trial start, initial purchase, or renewal, with no unsubscribe/cancellation could indicate users with an active subscription
  • a trial start with no renewal could indicate users currently in a trial