Problem with Appsflyer integration

  • 5 April 2022
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Hello! We found that in the appsflayer the number of unique events became significantly less than the total. Probably revenue cat duplicate events. We have contacted AF and they have not found a problem. So we assume that there is a duplication of transmission of non-unique events. That is, the revenue cat transmits a trial, the sdk transmits a trial, and it all adds up. Why would there be duplicates? Please take a look at our project. It is possible directly on time-lines, if it is possible. 


1 reply

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Hello! Sorry for the long delay here! Have you figured the issue out? In our docs we recommend to turn off any client-side tracking of purchases in the AppsFlyer SDK since RevenueCat will send purchase events for you server-side. I checked and I don’t think RevenueCat is sending duplicate events for your app, but if you see some examples where RevenueCat sent a duplicate event from our servers, you can share the app user ID or event ID and we’ll look into it. If you’re not comfortable sharing that information here, you can open a support ticket.