Integrate RevenueCat with Firebase causes wrong Ecommerce Revenue

  • 12 August 2022
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Like the title said, we suffer a wrong data in eCommerce Revenue (expected 0 but we receive 7.5K in the below image), which then causes wrong total revenue also. The actually revenue should be 31K-7.5K. All of previous month (which we haven’t integrated RevenueCat with Firebase yet), this number should be 0 (I’ve checked again)

It looks like happen on iOS only because we has this value only on iOS, is this SDK bug?


2 replies

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Facing the same issues, overreported iOS earnings via Firebase and Google Analytics, normal on Revenuecat.


The number of events is correct, and so is the product ID. There seem to be no pricing information on yearly subscriptions for both iOS and Android in Firebase/GA, even though the earnings for Android are close enough (off by $20).


Perhaps it has something to do with a free trial on subscriptions that GA is counting twice (the original free trial subscription and the real one after the trial)?

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It looks like show wrong for iOS only rather than Android.