Can't get the same Active Subscriptions when using rc_subscription_status = active as in RevenueCat

  • 2 April 2024
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I am using the newly available rc_subscription_status in Amplitude to create charts on subscriptions, but I don’t seem to get to the same numbers as in the Overview or Charts sections of RevenueCat.

For example, I am using the rc_subscription_status = active and comparing to the “Active Subscriptions” in RevenueCat charts, and there is a significant difference.

Also checked for rc_subscription_status = trial, which is also very far from the count in “Active Trials” (a lot higher).

Is there a formula that should be applied? Like: to get the Active Subscriptions, we should substract subscriptions with the cancelled (or other?) status?

Some documentation on how charts are calculated in revenuecat would be very useful in order to replicate the indicators in other tools like Amplitude or Mixpanel.


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We have documentation for how each of our charts is calculated here:

If you want to open a support ticket with the specific numbers/time frame you’re looking at, we can take a closer look.