Can RevenueCat handle Stripe subscription upgrades/downgrades

  • 10 October 2022
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I have a vanilla monthly/annual subscription plan on my app. In Stripe it’s 2 products, each with one price.

I’m configuring the Stripe customer portal, where I will send customers to cancel their plans. Stripe allows me to let them “Switch plans”.

Is this supported in RC or should I only let users cancel and start a new subscription?




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2 replies

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One more thing (I’m the OP). I see this section in the “Working with Web Payments” page:

Upgrading and downgrading

Prorated amounts are not factored into MRR or Revenue calculations. If someone changes plans, the default behavior in Stripe is to give the user credit for any unused portion and bill them for the remainder of the new plan cost. You need to disable this behavior manually, or by passing the prorate=false flag through the Stripe API for accurate revenue calculations in RevenueCat.


This implies that we SHOULD be able to allow users to “Switch Plans” on the Stripe-hosted subscription management page. But that we need to turn off pro-rating.

Any confirmation or details around this would be welcome.


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Yes, RevenueCat should support switching plans. `prorate=false` is ideal for better revenue calculation. Entitlement unlocking will work fine with the default behavior, but RevenueCat will not calculate the amount spent properly.