Appsflyer Integration: In-app events missing in SKAN

  • 17 November 2023
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Problem: About 50% of the in-app events are missing in SKAN reports on Appsflyer


We’re using the Appsflyer Integration to measure conversion events. I’ve noticed that for in-app events  from Facebook Ads for iOS about half of the events are missing. The privacy thresholds from SKAN are not the issue. Installs are tracked correctly but conversion events aren’t. We are relatively sure about that a large share of events are missing because otherwise the data for organic installs is implausible.

I checked a bunch of event logs on RevenueCat and they seem to be all send correctly to Appsflyer with the correct meta data attached.

My hunch is that it has to do with wrongly identified re-installs. The numbers seem to match the 50% missing events. 

I wonder if anyone else had a similar problem or if the RevenueCat team has heard about similar cases?


I haven’t received a helpful answer from Appsflyer yet, so i’m trying my luck here.

2 replies

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Hi Ferdinand, if we are sending the information correctly from our end, it seems like this is most likely an issue on the AppsFlyer side. I took a look at your setup for the integration and it all looks correct. I am sorry that I am not able to provide greater insight into the issue. 


Thanks for taking a look @wes_clark!

Is there a way to delay the events that are sent from RevenueCat to Appsflyer? We could of course build this using the webhooks but it would be ideal if we could configure a 15min delay for the integration.

After finally getting a better answer from Appsflyer, my current understanding is that the problem is that users start a free trial before the Appsflyer has determined the ATT status (because we show the paywall early in the onboarding). So, some RevenueCat free-trial-start events arrive before the Appsflyer SDK has determined the ATT status for iOS users which leads to issues in updating SKAN conversion values.