User getting "The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase"

  • 3 November 2021
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During testing, purchases are working fine. So we uploaded a version to the play store. But now our users can’t make purchases, the error that pops up is “The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase” and other times it’s “There was a problem with the play store”.

This is from a Unity project

7 replies

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Hey @John.John ,


How widespread is this issue? Is it only happening for a few users or every user?

Additionally here are a couple of posts you can check out :

Let me know if you have any additional questions or if one of these posts answers your question!

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Hi @jazmine ,


All users who try to purchase gets a “There was a problem with the play store” or “The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase”.


The posts didn’t solve it for us unfortunately.

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@John.John @jazmine  Did you figure this out? I’m seeing the same thing. Users on modern devices in supported regions (like a Galaxy s10 running Android 11 in Canada) download the app from the Play Store then when they attempt to make a purchase they get this error. Does not happen to all users but seems to happen to a random subset of them. We’re on the latest react-native and latest react-native-purchases.

   "readable_error_code": "PurchaseNotAllowedError",
"code": 3,
"underlyingErrorMessage": "Billing is not available in this device. DebugMessage: Billing service unavailable on device.. ErrorCode: BILLING_UNAVAILABLE.",
"message": "The device or user is not allowed to make the purchase.",
"readableErrorCode": "PurchaseNotAllowedError"
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Having the same problem - all subvscriptions fail


I am having the same problem. Subscriptions is not  working on only some devices. Like on samsung, OS Version 13. Any update on this?


we're facing the same issue, we’ve reached out to rc team but they were not helpful at all. we need a fix for this asap! - all android subscriptions fail on our side.

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Having the same issue. Android only, subscriptions, modern devices.