Subscription not working when app is live

  • 1 January 2023
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I have implemented subscriptions which work fine when I test the app in testflight. When live it doesn’t work.  I’m still trying to debug but because it only appears on the live app it’s a little difficult to debug.  I’m putting a new version out where I send some firebase events to help me debug the state of things.


But posting here in case there’s something obvious I’m missing… Thanks for any pointers on what to check



3 replies

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Hmm.. just looked and the subscription had a rejection notice in AppStore Connect I didn’t notice.  I’m guessing this is the cause.

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Hey Daniel,

Yeah that sounds like a likely cause. Check what reason App Store Connect gives you but you may actually have to submit a new binary and include the subscription with it for review if it’s your first subscription product.

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Thanks Sharif. Yes I finally got it approved. It was weird as the product has been approved but they flagged the localization string for the sub group with no explanation as to why. But send to be working now