Proper entitlement setup for my app??

  • 12 June 2022
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I have a question about the correct way to setup entitlements my app with only monthly recurring subscriptions.

There are simply 10 different monthly recurring subscriptions, no yearly option, etc..

Of these, the user can only have ONE active subscription and be “entitled” to; Either 1 Ball, 2 Balls, 3 Balls, etc depending on what they are paying for...

1 ball  = $0.99 per month
2 balls = $1.99 per month
3 balls = $2.99 per month
10 balls = $9.99 per month

All of my subscriptions are configured in the *same subscription group* in the App Store so a user can only be subscribed to *one subscriptions at any time*.

If the user has NO subscription they can't "play the game" in the app, however the app is a free download.

POTENTIAL ENTITlEMENT SETUP 1 (10 Different entitlements)
Entitlement 1  = 1 ball   $0.99 per month
Entitlement 2  = 2 balls  $1.99 per month
Entitlement 10 = 10 balls $9.99 per month

Entitlement 1 = "Can play game" (since user has a subscription)

An upgrade would be switching from current subscription to anything higher (2 balls to 5 balls)
and a downgrade would be switching from current subscription to anything lower (9 balls to 1)

I have 2 questions

1 Should I use Entitlement set 1 or 2 mentioned above? I was thinking that 10 different entitlements will be the correct way to go???

2 Would this mean there is no "cross-grade" in my case since a user can only subscribe, upgrade, downgrade or cancel??

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