Making Purchases syntex in Flutter

  • 19 September 2023
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Hey guys,

trying to integrate RevenueCat in app purchases(not subscriptions!) and this syntex doesn’t seem to work. it doesn’t even recognize purchaser Info. 

any help?

3 replies

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Hey There,


Which versions of the SDK are you using and library? The purchaserInfo object has been deprecated for a while now and we now use customerInfo in most recent versions of the SDK, some more information on this can be found here. Are you getting any errors when this purchase is triggered? Also, if you're trying to make non-subscription purchases I recommend looking into our documentation on this here.


Hope that helps! 

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So how do I make a IAP (not subscription) purchase? a lot of thing are deprecated and guides are not updated…


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In order to set up non-subscription purchases I recommend following our documentation here. 

We support the following non-subscription purchase types:

iOS Consumables, non-consumables, non-renewing subscriptions
Android Consumables, non-renewing subscriptions
Stripe One-time purchases supported when using Stripe Checkout