isActive returns false for new subscription after calling `getCustomerInfo` in sandbox

  • 17 December 2021
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SDK: RevenueCat 4.0.0-beta.x

Operating System: iOS 15.1.1

After successfully activating a subscription in the sandbox, calling `getCustomerInfo` and querying the relevant entitlement in `purchaseInfo.entitlements` on the returned `PurchaserInfo` object yields an entitlement with `isActive` set to false.

Is this the expected behavior for entitlements when working in the sandbox, or should the relevant entitlement’s `isActive` property be set to `true` after successfully completing a sandbox purchase?

1 reply

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Hey @StudentDriver!

Subscriptions in sandbox should result in active entitlements for the duration of the subscription (although it is a shorter duration than production mode).

Can you provide some debug logs reproducing this issue?