Is there an API endpoint to set the authorization header used by RevenueCat for webhook integration?

  • 1 November 2021
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First: thanks for making this great product. I’m new to RevenueCat but so far loving it!

Intro: RevenueCat offers the possibility to register a webhook endpoint, that is called when an event takes place. There is the possibility to manually set an optional authorization header, that will be used by RevenueCat to authenticate when calling the webhook endpoint. 

Question: is it possible to set this authorization header by calling an API endpoint (instead of doing it manually in the configuration section ‘Integrations’ > ‘Webhooks’)? 


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Can I add authorization header as JWT token with expiry?


I am also interested in a functionality like this one. Is there any place (like a Github feature) were we can track the progress of this? Maybe vote so it is implemented faster?

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Hi @ryan, thanks! 
Use case: as good practice I would like to rotate the key I store in RevenueCat from on a regular basis, say each week, month, etc. An API endpoint for setting such a key makes it possible to automate that rotation.

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Hey @Jan!

Not currently, but I’ll add this as an idea for an API overhaul that we have planned on the future roadmap!

Curious what the use-case is here?