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  • 13 October 2023
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Hey RC folks,

I am loving the new Paywalls beta. So simple to use, and it looks good to boot!

My only feedback is that I would like to see an “X” button in there somewhere so users are 100% sure to know how to exit the paywall. Right now you have to swipe down, which is not obvious to everyone.


6 replies

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Thanks for the feedback!

When presenting paywalls using .presentPaywallIfNeeded, RevenueCatUI does automatically includes a close button. However if you're using PaywallView directly you have full control over how to display it and how to allow users to dismiss it, which is why we don’t include a close button by default.

See our docs for more information: https://www.revenuecat.com/docs/displaying-paywalls#close-button

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Hey Nacho,

Thanks for the prompt response!

It looks like .presentPaywallfNeeded is only available in SwiftUI - I’m using UIKit. 

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When presenting paywalls using .presentPaywallIfNeeded in Flutter, RevenueCatUI does not include a close button.  I've tried it with 5 - Bengal template. Can you please update the Flutter package so that the close button is displayed automatically on the paywall?

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Definitely need to fix this guys, Not everyone is going to be using SwiftUI or have the time to convert a Uikit to SwiftUI.


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@douglas-w-palme It is possible to display the close button now, however the color of the close button can not be changed: https://community.revenuecat.com/sdks-51/close-button-in-flutter-paywalls-4201?tid=4201&postid=13447#post13447

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Thanks Strader