Webhook Timeout too short for AWS Lambda cold start

  • 5 January 2023
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I’m using the Webhook integration together with a AWS Lambda to receive updates about subscriptions. I found out that, if the Lambda is not warmed up, the RevCat test call times out after 3 seconds. That is not enough to fire up the Lambda from cold start, although I’m using NodeJS which is probably one of the fastest Lambda options. Would it be possible to increase the timeout for your webhook integration?


Best answer by Michael Fogel 9 January 2023, 18:09

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2 replies

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Hey There! 

What you're seeing is a boot time delay. RevenueCat will retry multiple times without a 200 so this will eventually get through in testing or production, but when testing the webhook via our website it wont retry. What is happening here is the first webhook causes AWS to boot up, second retry actually gets through. Hopefully this helps explain whats happening on our end! 
If you see this in testing or production please let us know via our Support Form.