Revenuecat, Google Play and multiple subscriptions

  • 27 March 2023
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Hi guys,

we are building our app in Flutterflow.

i have created 3 different subscriptions in Google Play (and AppstoreConnect), let´s call them “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold”.

Each subscription gives you access to more movies you can watch each month.

Now when a (bronze) user reaches his limit for movies in this month and he wants to upgrade to a higher subscripion (e.g. silver), we have multiple subscriptions running.

As i have read in AppStore we can work with subscription groups what means that when the user chooses another subscription, he automatically cancels the current one.

Unfortunately this doesn´t work for us in PlayStore and so we have two subscriptions running at the same time.

Do you have any solution for this problem?

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This part of our docs covers how to handle upgrades and downgrades for Google Play subscriptions within our SDKs. I am not familiar with FlutterFlow to tell you exactly how this would be implemented there.

However, looking into the FlutterFlow docs here, I did not see any mention of how to implement this.

Could you reach out to their support to determine if this is possible or if they have a recommendation?