Offerings are empty in developer build on ios but work fine in sandbox on testflight

  • 1 December 2021
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I’ve done everything described here 

and it’s working fine in sandbox but when we published application into app store, the app store version didn’t work, in the logs we got this error:

Could not find SKProduct for (
There is a problem with your configuration in App Store Connect.
More info here:

Is there a way to debug or fix it?


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8 replies

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Yeah it’s for app in the app store, a several days have already passed since releasing it in app store but we still getting the same error

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Hello guys - weirdly I’m getting this same issue, but swapped. My development platform is showing that it’s unable to get any offerings, yet my production version gets them fine (and I can make a purchase on PROD) 

Obviously it’s great that it’s working in PROD, but without DEV working its slowing my ability to develop down by a factor of 10,000! 

What was the solution in the end? Thanks. 


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I managed to fix it in my case by doing the following things:

• Made sure I was on the latest version of the SDK (in my case I went from 4.10.0 to 4.11.0)
• Removed ‘usesStoreKit2IfAvailable’ from my RevenueCat config
• Submitted a new update to the App Store

To be honest I reckon it was the app update that did it and not any of the other things, but I’m not 100% certain.

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Thanks for the reply. So I actually found out what my issue was… it was that because I had a separate bundleIdentifier for my dev version (so I could then stall both dev and prod on the same device) - which turned out to be the problem as the Apple IAPs didn’t exist for my Dev platform! Doh! 

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Any updates on it? Is there may be some way to debug it more thoroughly? Or should we provide more info avout this issue? 

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Things to triple check are:

  1. The product IDs match exactly
  2. The bundle ID in XCode matches exactly with App Store Connect
  3. You have signed the Paid Applications Agreement

I’ve never heard of a scenario where things work for app review but break on production - definitely strange. All of the things we know that could cause that configuration error are outlined in the article you linked, so are all areas to check and debug. 


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I’m getting this issue too. As far as I can see everything matches, and the issue has been happening for weeks so it’s unlikely to be a propagation problem. I’ve done everything from the linked support articles, everything works in development/sandbox but not in production, and my products are approved on the App Store.

Please help, this is blocking my ability to use RevenueCat, and to be honest is making me lean towards building my integration myself with StoreKit so I can debug it properly.

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Is this for a live app you just launched? There are propagation times when a new app is released for the first time with in-app purchases and sometimes the app becomes available before the products, everything should get in-sync within 24hrs.