Noticing many BILLING_ERROR alerts when testing in sandbox

  • 13 April 2023
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I am using cordova-plugin-purchases in my App. I’ve noticed many “Had their subscription of  vetcalculators_monthly_android:vetcalculators-monthly-android cancelled due to a billing error” comments in my sandbox testing recently. (Also in iOS). I’ve not changed anything in my code and wondering why this is happening. 

Also, I am wondering if there is a way to access this particular revenuecat info from within the App using the SDK or API:

"app_id": "app2c0d07f6dd",
"app_user_id": "$RCAnonymousID:420b573c1e75455aae4bc433fea3979f",
"cancel_reason": "BILLING_ERROR",
"country_code": "US",
"currency": "USD",
"entitlement_ids": [
"environment": "SANDBOX",
"event_timestamp_ms": 1681342243670,
"expiration_at_ms": 1681342232285,
"is_family_share": false,
"offer_code": null,
"period_type": "NORMAL",
"price": 3.99,
"price_in_purchased_currency": 3.99,
"product_id": "vetcalculators_monthly_android:vetcalculators-monthly-android",
"product_price_in_purchased_currency": 3.99,
"purchased_at_ms": 1681341932285,
"store": "PLAY_STORE",
"takehome_percentage": 0.85,
"transaction_id": "GPA.3312-7901-2044-43947..5"

Specifically listening for “cancel_reason”: “BILLING_ERROR” so i could alert the user if this happens. 

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It’s normal for Apple and Google to create billing issues during testing. This is a way for them to help you test your error handling. However, you should be getting some successful purchases. If you are not, there is probably a configuration error somewhere in App Store Connect/Google Play Console, RevenueCat, or your local development project. Without more details it’s difficult for me to help.

There is a billing_issues_detected_at property in our API that you can use to see if the current subscription is experiencing billing issues. In the SDK you would use billingIssueDetectedAt (iOS) and billingIssueDetectedAt (Android).