Not receiving Apple server to server webhooks

  • 21 September 2021
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Hey, I’m having an issue with receiving webhooks in RevenueCat from AppStoreConnect. We’ve been using these webhooks successfully for quite a while, but I’ve been testing today and haven’t been receiving anything. I took a look at the App config and it says that we haven’t received a webhook from Apple since 2021-09-16 8:06 PM.


I tested the AppStoreConnect side by pointing their webhooks at a local server and I am able to receive the webhooks so it’s not on their end. Did something change on the 16th that would have broken this?




Edit: One thing worth noting, I’ve been testing out the behviour with transferring purchases between users. Perhaps RC thinks that the webhooks belong to the old user that the purchases were transferred FROM. I guess that wouldn’t explain why the UI reports 5 days since last webhook received.


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Hey @Lee Howorko

Has the app seen any renewals coming in after 2021-09-16? The server notifications will only affect users who are already in RevenueCat. If we receive information about a transaction that is not in RevenueCat, we won't have any way to apply that data to the user that isn't in RevenueCat, so we will ignore it.

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I have been testing new subscriptions and renewals a lot since the 16th. My tests have all been in the Sandbox though, would that be the problem? That would be surprising since the Android side has been working fine with Sandbox testing in Android.

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Pasting from Support Ticket: 

I took a look in our database and saw that the app you were referring to was your staging app. I checked our internal logs for requests hitting the POST apple notification endpoint and did notice that we received the payloads from Apple on September 21st. However, we do drop S2S notifications that do not correspond to any App User ID. As a result, this would also cause us to not log receiving them in the RevenueCat dashboard. Can you try testing with a fresh sandbox account + app user ID and let me know if you notice the timestamp updating?

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Hey Tina, that seemed to do the trick. Thank you