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  • 23 January 2024
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Hello everyone, I am completely new to RevenueCat.

I have an iOS-app, which has 2 different monthly subscriptions:

    - The Silver Subscription (Monthly, a few premium features)

    - The Gold Subscription (Monthly, all premium features).

Fairly simple.


Under Offerings → Default Offering, I created a package with the monthly Gold Subscription:


I now want to add the Silver Subscription (which is also monthly). But when I try to add a new monthly package, it gives me an error saying: The package's display name or identifier already exists for this app.

And if I try to attach the Silver Subscription to the already created package with the identifier $rc_monthly, it replaces the Gold Subscription, instead of “adding” the Silver Subscription to the Products.


My Question: How do I add another monthly Silver Subscription in this offering? All online tutorials have 1 monthly and 1 yearly Subscription, but I need 2 monthly subscriptions.


Thanks for all help in advance!


3 replies

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Hi! If you would like to have both your Silver and Gold Monthly subscription in the same offering, you can use a custom package identifier. The option to do so is at the bottom of the dropdown after the pre-set options.

But you can still add it as a custom product

Facing the same error. I have another app with 2 monthly and 2 yearly but this new app i can’t add another monthly offering.