Managing Subscriptions across Multiple Applications

  • 19 June 2023
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I'd like to know if you manage subscriptions on several applications (iOS / Android). Let me explain: 
I have 3 applications (A, B, and C)
On all 3, I'd like to offer the same subscriptions. 
Each of the apps has its own functions (but they all use the same user account), and I'd like if the user is already subscribed to A, I'd like to offer him a discount for B. If he takes the package A and B, he'd also get a discount for C. 
Is this possible?

I'm at your disposal if you need more details in my explanations. 

1 reply

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Hi @jeremy-hoffmann-b57c5f, you can use RevenueCat projects for this. RevenueCat projects allow you to share subscriptions and subscription information across apps. You can add all of your apps to the same RevenueCat project. Then, I would probably recommend creating one Entitlement per app. For the discounted products, I would recommend creating new products on App Store / Play Store. Then, on your paywall, you can check if the customer already has an entitlement for one of the other apps, and if so, offer the discounted product.

So, let’s say you have set up for App A the following products: 


You create the entitlements entitlement-app-a, entitlement-app-b, entitlement-app-c.

You attach the two products and to entitlement-app-a (and the products for the other apps to the other entitlements).

On the paywall for App A, you check if there is an active entitlement-app-b or active entitlement-app-c. If so, you show com.example-app-a.yearly-discounted for purchase; if not, you show

(To further improve this solution, you could instead create different Offerings; you create the default Offering containing and another Offering containing, and then select the correct Offering using the entitlement logic described above. This also allows you to remotely configure which product to use for the full and discounted price, and use Offering Metadata to control other aspects of the paywall)