Is there documentation for new SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS behavior?

  • 5 July 2022
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I was recently troubleshooting a customer-reported issue related to a SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS event and I ran across this post stating that the SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS event had been deprecated and has not been sent “for awhile now.”

However, that reply was dated 25 February 2022, and the SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS event I was troubleshooting was received much more recently, on 2 June 2022. So apparently SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS events *are* still being sent?

I’m currently trying to update our handling of SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS events to account for a change to “original_app_user_id” in the same event -- something we had not accounted for (and the root cause of this customer reported issue.)

But the aforementioned post, and the Webhooks documentation which now lists SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS as deprecated has me wondering if I should be handling an entirely different event?

Is there any documentation that explains how the account-sharing functionality that was enabled by the SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS event is being replaced, now that the event is deprecated? Is there a migration guide? Or is that functionality going away entirely?


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Hello Mason, 

While we've marked the SUBSCRIBER_ALIAS webhook as deprecated, we have no plans to stop sending it at this time, hence why you received one recently. 
That being said, our recommendation now is to use our Transfer behavior, and watch for webhooks of the type TRANSFER to keep subscription status in sync on your end. (Note: this is an optional change, but once you switch your transfer behavior from Alias -> Transfer, it can't be switched back)

I hope this helps you a bit, let me know if there is anything else that we could help with. 

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