iOS manage subscriptions seems to be broken with "Can't Connect"

  • 1 September 2023
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This isn’t strictly related to revenue cat, but I wondered if the community had a practical solution to what appears to be a common problem.


We test our iOS subscriptions using the recommendations here:


Recently, our internal testers seem unable to cancel subscriptions. When we press the Apple Id → Manage button, it just shows a screen that says “Can’t Connect”.


It seems there are a bunch of Apple issues raised on this (e.g. and they seem to suggest either signing out/in, or upgrading. Neither of which work.


Any practical workarounds from the revenue cat community?

1 reply

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Hey @MattFin,

Sorry to hear this is happening! Hopefully other developers can chime in with things that have helped them, but some other workarounds that we’ve seen work are: testing with an entirely new sandbox user, logging out and back in from Settings, deleting and reinstalling the app, testing from a device rather than a simulator. 

If you are using the StoreKit config file, make sure you have added the new products to your StoreKit file, all products in StoreKit file are listed in the RevenueCat dashboard, and that you’ve re-uploaded the StoreKit certificate after making any changes to products or code-signing.