How to create purchase for Stripe paid ivoice without subscription or checkout session

  • 19 April 2022
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In Stripe you have a product and a customer.

  • Product has a one off payment, e.g. it is not recurring. 
  • Customer is created in advance in RC and also in Stripe with some metadata as app user id etc.
  • I have a codeless solution in Integromat where I want to listen on Stripe event, then get app user id metadata for purchase from Stripe and create new Purchase in RC.

However, in Stripe you have multiple ways how to charge users. The one I am interested in is that I go to Stripe, and create an invoice to existing customer that they should pay. Once it’s paid, they should be granted a lifetime entitlement in RC. This way user gets an email into their inbox with a direct pay link.


The problem is that this method doesn’t create a checkout session, so there is no event for completing checkout session with session id to send to RC. Also, there is no subscription created in Stripe, because Stripe allows to create subscriptions only for recurring prices and this one is one off payment.


So the question is, how do I create a Stripe purchase in RC when Stripe customer purchases a product, but without checkout session or subscription but only with invoice paid?


1 reply

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Hey @bakua!

At this time, we only support non-subscription purchases (one-time purchases) that are made via Stripe Checkout with Prices objects. Unfortunately, I don’t think we support manual invoicing without Stripe checkout at this time. You might be able to respond to webhooks from Stripe for these types of purchases on your own server, then grant a lifetime promotional entitlement in RevenueCat as a workaround: