Creating purchase with same purchase token not creating alias

  • 21 October 2021
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I'm experiencing an issue with automatic aliasing for user ids.  I have migrated some user purchases from Stripe and Android but in my upload script I used a capitalised UUID instead of lower case (which is what my mobile app uses).  I didnt release RevenueCat uses case sensitive user ids.

When I try to submit the purchase again with lower case UUID using the same purchase token, a new customer is created (as expected) and the purchase is transferred to the new customer (not expected).  I thought based on your documentation these two user ids would be aliased and they would share the purchase, but it seems they aren't. 


I've made sure to add the "is_restore": "true" flag when uploading via your /receipt REST endpoint.


Can you advise why this isnt working as expected and what I can do to fix?


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1 reply

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Hi - for anyone else experiencing this issue, I found the answer here:

Automatic aliasing seems to only occur if user_ids are not App Provided ids (e.g. they are anonymous ids).  In my case, the current behaviour is expected.