App Store Rejection because some IAP are not in the current offering

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I’ve just submitted a new app.

The hap has 10 IAP (5 kind of products: 1,3,6,12 months + lifetime, each for 2 different groups/price points).

I added all 10 products because I want to do price experiments.

Of course, the current offering has only a subset of these products; presently one of the two lifetime IAPS is the only product in the active paywall.

Apps rejected the app for “App Completeness”; when I asked for clarifications they wrote back:

Regarding the guideline 2.1, you have submitted 10 In App Purchases for review but the app binary only includes 1 In App Purchase. If you do not want to include in-app purchase products in your app, it would be appropriate to remove any unused in-app purchase products from App Store Connect before resubmitting for review.


So they complain I have 10 IAPs but I am showing just one.

Of course I could easily set the current offering to one which has 4 or 5 products, but that still leaves 6 out.

How do I manage this rejection? Is it kosher t tell Apple the paywall I dynamic?

I mean, most paywalls are dynamic…

Any suggestion?






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You could set up a number of test users and add them to the review notes, where each is bound to a certain offering configuration, so they have access to all of the products during testing.

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Unluckily I don’t have authenticated “unique” users, I use iCloud for sync, which is anonymous.

For now, I did as someone suggested on Twitter: I made a small demo video to display the change of offering and the effects on the app.

I hope it’s enough!

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For those of you in my same situation: I eventually managed to get the app approved.

What I did was make a demo video showcasing the RC dashboard and how my app could display all the IAPs when I switched the RC current offerings. I sent a video link to the reviewer, together with screenshots of the paywall with all the products that are not in the current offering.