User still showing as on trial after trial period

  • 28 December 2021
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I have a customer who signed up for a 7 day trial  on 12/20/2021. This is listed correctly in the Customer History in the Customer report. In the same customer report it shows “Trial converts on 2021-12-29”. Why would a 7 day trial go 9 days? In the customer history there is no activity other then :

  1. First seen using the app (also on 12/20/2021)
  2. Started a trial (12/20/2021)
  3. Last opened the app (in last day)

Looking at the event data for the Started a trial event the expiration (which should be the conversion) is listed correctly as 1640639521296 which is 12/27/21 - 7 days after trial started.


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1 reply

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Without seeing the customer history, my guess is that the customer was put into a grace period when the trial tried to convert. However, we have seen weird behavior from Apple/Google from time-to-time. RevenueCat tries to show exactly what the App Store/Play Store is telling us. If you want more in-depth investigation, please reach out to support and we’ll look into it.

P.S. One technique that’s available on Google Play only is to look up the subscription on Google Play Console and see if there’s additional information there that might explain this behavior.