Potential UI bug with purchase transfers

  • 21 September 2021
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I am testing out purchases on iOS in the Sandbox, which means I’m triggering a lot of purchase transfers between users. I see a new event being shown in the UI of the user that had the purchases transferred to, it says

> Got their purchases transferred from another user


That looks fine, but if you click into that event and look at the user that the purchases came from, it also says

> Got their purchases transferred from another user


Shouldn’t it say

> Got their purchases transferred _to_ another user

2 replies

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Hey @Lee Howorko ,

Can you provide some screenshots of what you are seeing?

Our Transfer behavior has both transferred_to and transferred_from  fields so it’s not uncommon to see this on event details. 

  • transferred_from indicates the App User ID(s) that transactions and entitlements are being taken from, and granted to transferred_to.


  • transferred_to indicates the App User ID(s) that are receiving the transactions and entitlements taken from transferred_from.



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The event itself looks good, it properly shows the users that as FROM and TO.

"app_id": "appe5d39721a8",
"event_timestamp_ms": 1632245079910,
"store": "APP_STORE",
"transferred_from": [
"transferred_to": [

But looking at the event history for each of those users, I see this

That makes sense in terms of user staging1a_178, but not so much for user staging1a_179, it should probably say “Got their purchases transferred to another user”.