MRR calculation with promotional offer

  • 18 April 2022
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Hi, I’m wondering how my app's MRR is affected by purchases made using an iOS promotional offer.

I have a subscription that I sell discounted for $17, which after one year renews into a $35 subscription.
During the first year of the subscription - is my MRR increased with the subscription's full price ($35/12), or by the discounted amount ($17/12)?

Is there any view where I can visualize (prove) how the MRR is increased from a purchase?

1 reply

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This was resolved in a ticket. Answering here for visibility as well. The best way to confirm which prices are used for calculations is by taking a look at an example app user ID in the dashboard. If the discounted price appears, this confirms our backend will calculate MRR based on the discounted price. From the example app user ID you shared in a ticket, your MRR will increase based on the discounted amount.