Feature request: Set project currency

  • 11 August 2022
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We are a UK based business, with 90% of our subscriptions coming in as GBP. It would be great if your graphs and etl jobs could be set to convert to the currency of your choice rather than USD.


The issue I have is due to currency rate changes if we compare year on year revenue numbers, it’s hard to do that if the currency rates have changed significantly in the same period. Right now the USD to GBP rate has changed about 10-15% year on year, hence this being a bit of an issue for us.


1 reply

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Hey John! Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks a ton for your feedback. Yeah, this is a request we’ve certainly heard before, and it’s on our radar. I think your point on exchange rate volatility is a fair one that makes this more important as well.

Thanks again for the feedback!