What are best practises for handling events?

  • 31 August 2023
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I’ve integrated RevenueCat (Capacitor) and enabled the Firebase extension. Test purchases are coming through and the Firebase Extension seems to be working. It saves information in two collections and events in EventArc, though I’m not so familiar with that.

I understand that for consumable non-renewable products my own database (FireStore) is the single source of truth.

I guess i can figure out how to read that data and do “something” with it, but i was wondering what best practices were. Surely this is a common situation, are there any available solutions / libraries that handle the standard events? In my case initially it would be

1 reply

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Hey There,


While we dont have a best practices guide on how to react to events, we do have all of the events that you can expect to receive which can be found here. I recommend using that document to tailor out specifically which events you will be receiving and implement what is needed based on the interactions to those events! 


Let me know if that helps!