RevenueCat with Shopify

  • 17 May 2022
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I am launching an app with a subscription offering. I currently have an e-commerce site built using Shopify. I am selling subscriptions on the Shopify site using the Bold Subscriptions Add-On, with Shopify Payments as the gateway.

Bold offers webhooks for subscription events. I was thinking that I could pass these webhooks through my backend to the RC API...but...I don’t see RC endpoints for subscription events like cancel, so maybe this is not a viable solution?

Is it possible to integrate the subscriptions sold on the Shopify site with RevenueCat? Am I missing a simpler solution here?



1 reply

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Hey @WillG!

No Shopify integration at the moment. Typically Shopify is used for e-commerce and RevenueCat is used for in-app purchases so there usually isn’t a lot of overlap in the types of subscriptions.

If you want to keep track of who has a Shopify subscription in RevenueCat you could use promotional entitlements API and grant an Entitlement to someone whenever their Shopify subscription starts or renews: