Is there an "admin" API for resources such as offerings/packages/products/entitlements?

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We would like to either be able to create/update/delete offerings/packages/products/entitlements programmatically, or at least get a web hook notification in our backend when these are created/updated/destroyed.

Is there anything like that implemented or in the works? Is there any way we can get this data by polling if not?

We’re trying to implement a series of things on top of RC for handling promotions and our backends need to be aware of what the existing offerings/packages/products are. Right now the best solution we have is to manually create things in both the backend and RevenueCat, but that’s very error-prone.

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Awesome, thank you.

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There’s nothing for this at the moment, but it’s planned for this year! We plan to revamp the entire developer API and this is on the shortlist of things to implement.