Get Retention rate and LTV via API

  • 12 July 2023
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Hi Team,


We have a client for whom we are looking to integrate RevenueCat APIs to get some stats. 


Can someone please confirm if it is possible to get Retention rate and LTV as shown in the below screenshot via API?



I did go through API documentation however wasn’t able to find relevant API.

Inputs or workaround on this would really be helpful. If there are other stats accessible via API which can be used to derive LTV and Retention rate, that would also be helpful.

Thank you!

1 reply

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Hey @rishikesh-parik-a0030e!


Once the client is fully migrated and we are starting to populate statistics for them, they will be able to use our charts in order to get these values. 


For LTV We have the following:

For Retention rate of subscribers:


As for our Rest API, our API currently doesn't have any endpoints to gather this data, but the team has seen feature requests before for this so it could come in the future.