Forwarding Android trial started events to mParticle fail with 400

  • 23 August 2021
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We have setup the mParticle Integration to forward subscription event data to mParticle. Currently this fails for most of `trial_started` events originating on Android.

Other events are reported successfully.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Opening our App in the Dashboard
  • Select Analytics > mParticle from the left 
  • Scroll down to “Recent Events”


All requests are successful and return a status code of 2xx.


`trial_started` events originating on Android fail with a 400 status code.

This is impacting our analytics stack heavily and a fast fix is highly appreciated. If you need further input from us let us know.


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3 replies

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We believe to have found the cause of the issue, I responded directly via email.

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Thank you for looking into it quickly. 

For reference if anyone else is experiencing this: In some cases we set a wrong mParticle Id when initialising the RevenueCat SDK, which failed then failed on mParticle’s side due to a parsing error. Ensure the mPID is correctly set, it must be a String that is parsable to an Int64.

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Hi Wolfgang,

We are looking into it.


Head of Product @ RevenueCat