Assistance Needed: Updating User Identifiers and Subscription Cancellations

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Hi RevenueCat Community,

I hope you're all doing well. I'm reaching out to seek assistance with some challenges we're facing while integrating RevenueCat into our mobile app. We would greatly appreciate any guidance or insights from the community. Here's a summary of the issues we're encountering:

  1. User Identifier Update: We have successfully implemented webhook integrations for subscription actions, but the user identifiers provided by RevenueCat are anonymous IDs. We need to associate these actions with specific users in our app. Is there any way to update the existing anonymous IDs of our current users to our preferred user IDs? This would help us maintain accurate correlations between subscription actions and user profiles.

  2. Subscription Cancellation Identification: Due to the anonymous IDs provided by RevenueCat, it's challenging for us to identify which user has cancelled their subscription when we receive webhook data on our server. Are there alternative methods or additional information you can share to help us identify the user behind a subscription cancellation? Any insights or suggestions would be highly appreciated.

  3. User Migration: We're considering creating new users within RevenueCat using our preferred user IDs and then migrating their existing subscriptions to these new user profiles. This approach would allow new users to have our designated IDs while archiving or deleting the old anonymous user data accordingly. Is this possible, and if so, what would be the recommended process for user migration?

Thank you all in advance for your attention and support in addressing these challenges. We highly value the expertise of the RevenueCat community and eagerly await your responses. If you need any additional information or clarification, please feel free to reach out.

Warm regards,

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  1. For this, you can use our create subscriber API endpoint to make the user with the correct custom id. Then you can use our undocumented alias endpoint to permanently merge these users (given in internal ticket)
  2. We only get the transaction information from the app stores and have their user id, aside from this we do not get any identifying information about the user, such as their Apple or Google app store accounts. For this reason we recommend having a mapping on your end for what app user id belongs to what user if you need to know more about them like their email. You could even store their email as a subscriber attribute, see here, which will allow you to use RevenueCat to identify users more easily. 
  3. You can do this as I suggested in 1. via the create subscriber and alias endpoints.
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Great,  but there is a problem we are facing while setting subscriber attribute, as if more than one person is using the same device for our app, it’s replacing the the attribute with previous one, it’s not identifying that other user is a different one.


How can we handle that?