Transaction Identifier on local StoreKit Testing

  • 28 November 2022
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Hello! Thanks for the awesome job on RevenueCat!
I’m adding local StoreKit Testing support for quick device/simulator purchases and edge case testing to an app. The Xcode IAP server generates transactions which have increasing numerical IDs, that are obviously not unique.  I can see that when registering them on RC, the server side does some magic to make it look real (i.e it seem to have added the local certificate name + purchase date nanoseconds epoch + the fake Xcode transaction ID). 

  "purchased_at_ms": 1669666772000,
"store": "APP_STORE",
"takehome_percentage": 0.7,
"transaction_id": "StoreKitTest_Transaction_1669666772000_11"

The transaction from StoreKit / RevenueCat SDK is actually just “11”

I have reproduced that logic on my test code, but it would be cool for RevenueCat to abstract that and provide us with this modified ID instead of the raw one from StoreKit, even if it is an additional field on the transaction instead of replacing it



1 reply

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I passed this to our product team to consider adding in the future, thanks for the feedback!