Flutter purchasePackage delay on ios

  • 13 January 2023
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There is a delay of about 5 seconds from function call and popup displayed on ios. Is there solution for this?


Best answer by Miguel Carranza 21 January 2023, 00:38

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8 replies

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Hi Yurii, do you mean after the user has confirmed the purchase, or is it before showing the payment dialog?

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Hey I have the same issue in TestFlight and when debugging. Is that considered sandbox as well? It took about 9 seconds after tapping the purchase button till the apple purchase screen came up.


My testers all have the same issue as well. 


As a new user, that’s not a very reassuring answer…  Has this been addressed, as I am seeing an 8-second lag between choosing the purchase option and having the iOS confirmation page come up.

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Before show payment dialog.

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I am having the same issue but in my case the pop up often will not come up at all.


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Then it’s the Sandbox environment, which is known to be not super reliable. In production it should go faster.

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Hi Brian,

I understand the concern, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about Apple’s Sandbox environment, which is known to be very flaky. Even the environment used by App Store reviewers is bad. It’s not a problem caused by or exclusive to RevenueCat.

In production it will be much smoother. Again, I know it’s not reassuring. But tens of thousands of apps use RevenueCat in production without experiencing the delays we all get to suffer in the testing environment.

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I am experiencing the same thing, with up to a 17 second delay. There is a note in the debug log, I’m not sure how relevant it is:

<SKReceiptRefreshRequest: 0x283129420>: Finished refreshing receipt with error: Error Domain=ASDErrorDomain Code=603 "Request throttled" UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription=Request throttled, NSLocalizedFailureReason=Unified receipt is valid and current}