Complete transaction in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions?

  • 18 June 2022
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Imagine that my app crashes just after a successful payment. I want to know purchase to finish when my app restarts.

I don’t see in the docs how to do it using RevenueCat.


I was using this code:


SwiftyStoreKit.completeTransactions(atomically: true) { purchases in	    for purchase in purchases {	        switch purchase.transaction.transactionState {	        case .purchased, .restored:	            if purchase.needsFinishTransaction {	                // Deliver content from server, then:	                SwiftyStoreKit.finishTransaction(purchase.transaction)	            }	            // Unlock content	        case .failed, .purchasing, .deferred:	            break // do nothing	        }	    }}



1 reply


Hi @ThierryB 


Sorry for the late response. I see that you are using the SwiftyStoreKit, have you checked already the documentation for migrating to RevenueCat.


Once you have configured your customer after a crash you will be able to check the purchases made and if they are complete so you can finish whatever steps are remaining then.


Hope it helps


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