Are users who cancel a free trial (Introductory offer) eligible for promotional offers?

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Hi all,

I haven't been able to find the answer to this specific case in the docs.

When a user subscribes to a product that has an introductory offer (eg: 1 week free) and they then cancel thereby when the intro period runs out they won't be charged. My question is are they then eligible for a promotional offer?

I am trying to implement a win back strategy for users that cancel their subscription and for this promotional offers work perfectly but I am also trying to nudge a user that has had a trial but canceled it into a discounted subscription


Thanks so much


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Hey There,


Promo codes can be applied to both Existing and Lapsed Users, so it really up to how you choose to implement this. When a free trial expires and isnt renewed, they are considered lapsed so you can apply a promo offer for them. These aren't applied automatically, but we do have a guide that goes over how to implement them with RevenueCat which can be found here


I hope that helps! 

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Thanks Michael,


I just needed to know what a lapsed free trial user was considered, thanks so much :)

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Glad I could help!