API request completed with status: POST /receipts 503 (android Flutter)

  • 12 January 2022
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API request completed with status: POST /receipts 503.
Subscription purchases successfully but not working on android side.Even i received google play receipts by email.We are facing this issue since two weeks.



Best answer by ryan 12 January 2022, 22:06

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2 replies

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You should be seeing an accompanying log message that there are invalid credentials? This is caused by not having the Google Play credentials set up correctly in the RevenueCat dashboard.

The guide we’ve put together on setting this up is here:

There are also a handful of community posts on the topic that may help if you get stuck as well:

A 5xx response is returned to the SDK instead of a 403 since the SDK is programmed to automatically retry any 5xx response, so these requests should get replayed and succeed eventually after the credentials are updated.

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How could you solve this problem? I got the same error and I don’t know how to fix it.