API request completed with status: POST /receipts 304

  • 3 June 2023
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When i do request on android phone the payment process complete with success but the catch block of my code is execute with the following error.

V/FA (22462): Connecting to remote service

V/FA (22462): Connection attempt already in progress

D/FA (22462): Connected to remote service

V/FA (22462): Processing queued up service tasks: 2

D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(22462): API request started: POST /receipts

D/[Purchases] - DEBUG(22462): API request completed with status: POST /receipts 304

E/[Purchases] - ERROR(22462): 🤖‼️ The receipt is not valid.

1 reply

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Hi @abd-ullah-c0d96c

The receipt is not valid error typically points to an issue with configuration:

Can you confirm that your Google Play package names match across your app, the Google Play console, and RevenueCat, and that your current user is a licensed test user who has been added to your closed test track?

If your configuration seems set up, my recommendation would be to open a support ticket with us by emailing, and sending your full debug logs that reproduce this issue, containing the entire app life-cycle, including the logs generated when the SDK is initialized.