about restore purchases : anonymous id, addPurchaserInfoUpdateListener vs restoreTransactions

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Hello, I have an inquiry regarding the addition of the "Restoring Purchase Products" function. (Appstore has rejected the assessment that it does not have a purchase restore function.)

What I'm curious about is

I wonder if I can use "Anonymous App User IDs".
I wonder if I need to designate a user ID.

(purchaserInfo) async {
final purchaserInfo = await Purchases.getPurchaserInfo();


PurchaserInfo restoredInfo = await Purchases.restoreTransactions();

I'm curious about the difference.
If the method is different, is there a code to refer to?
I am inquiring because it seems to bring the same purchase information.

Thank you for reading it.

- Notes
. flutter app
. Purchase or restore purchase after SNS log-in
. We do not share subscriptions between platforms.

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