Users with new phones - subscriptions

  • 3 February 2023
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Im using subscriptions for both ios and google play through revenuecat

Today an androud user reported that he has a new phone and the app keep saying he doesnt have any subscriptions. He is still on the same gmail-account as he did the purchase / subscription with

I thought the subscription was following the user and not the device?


Thanks for any help :)

3 replies

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When you say the same gmail-account, do you mean they are logged into the same Play Store account or do you mean he is logged into with the same App User ID in the SDK? I assume he made the original purchase on Android, and has a new Android device.

If they are logged into the same Play Store account - they should be able to press restore purchases and have their purchase transferred to their current App User ID (if you have the default transfer behavior enabled).

If they are logged with the same App User ID in your SDK via your own login system, they should still have access and you may want to reach out to support so we can obtain some more specific information.

You can find more information here as well.

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Yes, thanks. Same play store account.

Also correct - two android phones.


Ok, so I need to add a restore button to the app? 

Is there a workaround for now untill this is fixed by me? Could a user cancel and resume the subscription form his subscription settings page on his phone?

Purchases.sharedInstance.restorePurchases(::showError) { customerInfo -> //... check customerInfo to see if entitlement is now active }


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Thanks, that fixed the problem when testing on my simulator