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  • 2 November 2021
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I will really appreciate what needs doing under following circumstances:

Scenario 1: 

 I setup purchases with a userID I get from Firebase Auth after login in using firebase. Let’s say it is ‘UFID’. I am logged in with my app using ‘UFID’. My appstore ID is ‘ApsID’. I do my in app purchase on my iPhone and everything is hunky dory!

** Now I lost my iPhone **

Question1:  Is my purchase attached to my ‘UFID’ or my ‘ApsID’?

  - For example can I login in my app on another iPhone with my UFID and restore purchases if

      1 - the ApsID is different?

      2 - the ApsID is the same?


Question 2: Can same subscription run on Android & iPhone without any separate backend or the person needs to buy separate subscriptions for each platform?



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Hey @DEE 

Keep in mind that the receipt is associated with the ‘ApsID’. If a customer lost a phone, they will be able to restore their purchases if they are logged into the same underlying Apple ID (‘ApsID’). However, when using RevenueCat, the subscription status is still attached to the app user ID (‘UFID’). Whenever you get the purchaserInfo object, this will retrieve information RevenueCat has stored for that app user ID.


Question 2: That’s the beauty of using RevenueCat and supporting cross-platform subscriptions out of the box. You’ll just need to make sure both iOS and Android apps are under the same RevenueCat app, this ensures both apps share the same RevenueCat API key. You’ll just need your user authentication (‘UFID’) system to match the same user across both platforms and subscription status will be shared.