"The product is already active for this user error" in the same device with different accounts and can't show virtual cards

  • 30 January 2024
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Hello, I would like to know if you can help me.

I am developing an app in react native, in which my authentication method is through oauth. Next, I register the user in revenueCat using the login method by passing the unique user uuid.

Currently, I am experiencing two issues:

The first one is regarding virtual cards.

I have followed all the steps described in the guide, but from the user account when trying to make a subscription purchase, only my real cards linked to my play store account appear. I have been reading that perhaps this is what is causing the error and I should use the sandbox with a test user without real cards linked, which leads me to the second question. To test the functionality from user “A”, I purchased the monthly subscription. everything worked fine, but from the same device when switching to user account “B”, even changing the play store account, when trying to make a subscription purchase, the error "The product is already active for this user" appears. I have tried clearing cache, uninstalling the app... but nothing works. I have tried changing the options in "Transferring purchases seen on multiple App User IDs" but it gives me a connection error... I hope you can help,

thank you.

1 reply

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Hi @alfertuko,

Try adding your user as a license tester in Google Play Console: This is what gives you access to the test cards (more info here).

For the “The product is already active for this user” error: can you try restoring purchases? Switching Google accounts on Android doesn’t work well sometimes so maybe BillingClient is returning the same purchases every time even if you logged in with a new Google account, which would mean that the issue is in Android/Google Play and not RevenueCat or your app.